Contemplative | photography - S i l e n t  ༔  G l i m p s e s - contemplative photography

S i l e n t  ༔  G l i m p s e s  is born out of the impulse of one of my spiritual Teachers, who encouraged me to start capturing whatever touches my eye, my heart from a fresh and silent point of seeing. This is when I started shooting forms and space, anything that would appeal to a deeper field within. Having at that time no knowledge of photography nor owning a good quality camera I simply begun right where I was, slowly growing and learning. Gaining confidence and skills, I later acquired a Nikon Df camera and continued refining my artistic approach.

At the end of the year 2013, I left behind my life as a lawyer in Switzerland and set off to Asia to fully dedicate myself to my spiritual life and growth. This fortunate journey lead me through the world, allowing me to explore inner and yet unknown spaces on the meditation cushion, with my Teachers, in daily encounters with beings from afar and through the lens of my camera. 

S i l e n t  ༔  G l i m p s e s  is an attempt of contemplative photography, of putting into actuality the buddhist view of a clear seeing, a fresh seeing. Photography became for me a practice of letting the mind in its natural state, from which the intent is to capture naked appearances, empty forms, dynamic and creative displays of the ultimate ground of being.



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