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[Skt. दानम्, dāna, Pron.: dana. From Sanskrit: the act of giving, generosity, giving of oneself. In Tibetan སྦྱིན་པ། (Wyl. sbyin pa ) Pron.: jinpa.

One of the six Paramita पारमिता translated as 'transcendental perfection', literally means to go (ita) to the other side (param) or to transcend. By practising them we can overcome our destructive emotions, transcend the notion of samsara and see the true nature of things.]

The main motivation in the founding of  S i l e n t  ༔  G l i m p s e s  was, in a spirit of offering, to create a platform allowing me to share publicly the work I have been quietly nurturing over the past years. A way to share my journey and my perception of it... To know more about this project, see the "about" section above.

But  S i l e n t  ༔  G l i m p s e s was also created in order to find a sustainable way to make a living out of my art, allowing me to further on this blessed journey I have embarked on since the end of the year 2013. Ever since I set off to Asia, I have spent most of my time studying buddhism and recently Tibetan language, receiving teachings from my Teachers from East and West, as well as in formal retreat. Nurturing a heart's desire to be able to mature this wisdom in order to be of service in the modern world, I aspire to continue living a contemplative life with my art as support. 

If you feel called to support my artistic work and my spiritual journey, you can do so by : 

- buying prints, canvas, cards or downloads of my photographs by visiting the galleries of my portfolio (click the buy icon, which will lead you through the purchase process). More information under the "Buy Photos" section above;


- make a donation of your choice by clicking the "donate" button below. As a token of appreciation and gratitude, all donators of an amount of 100 US$ or above will receive by post an 8x12 lustre print of any photograph of their choice.

With gratitude and love

Sarva Mangalam

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